Welcome to JRV International Trading

Your Trusted Partners, Simplifying Global Trade

JRV International Trading was born out of our client's need to have a trusted global partner with an excellent network of global producers and suppliers. We are the brokerage firm of choice for leading importers worldwide, with associates in Brazil, United States, Italy, Czech Republic, Great Britain, China, Middle East, and Africa.

Our team caters to commodity needs such as soy, rice, sugar, corn, wheat, and other grains, as well as meats such as pork, chicken, and beef (halal and kosher certified). We cater, mostly, to clients based in Central Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.


Trust is at the center of everything we do, and it all starts with trustworthy suppliers. Our supplier selection process is extremely selective and strict, ensuring a solid supply chain to both our clients and partners. During the contract period, our team is in constant contact with our customers and suppliers to ensure on-time deliveries as per agreed terms.


Just like with our suppliers, our customer requirements are equally stringent in order to allow our supplying partners to fulfill our contracts. We require all official enquiries to be presented with LOIs or ICPOs on the end buyer's company letterhead. This must contain the buyer's complete information, payment method, and main contact person.

All communication and enquiries is are treated as confidential, and we sign NCNDAs (NCNDA – Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure Agreement) to ensure our partners' peace of mind on all transactions.

  • Excellent Network of Producers
  • Experts in Trade Export
  • Letter of Credit Management
  • White Label for Your brand