At JRV International we partner with the world’s top wheat exporters, giving you the choice of high-quality wheat for your every need, with unmatched service and value. Our wheat store is always open and our customers can depend on the integrity of our supply chain, the quality of our wheat partners, and our unmatched reliability as a supplier, because prices are transparent and honored; quality is assured; government intervention is banned; and unmatched trade servicing and technical support.

Soft White

Low moisture wheat with excellent milling results, SW provides a whiter and brighter product for Asian-style noodles and is ideal for exquisite cakes, pastries, and other confectionery products.

Hard Red Winter

Versatile, with excellent milling and baking characteristics for wheat foods like hearth bread, hard rolls, croissants, and flatbreads. HRW is also an ideal wheat choice for some types of Asian noodles, general-purpose flour, and as an improver for blending.


Hardest of all wheat, durum has a rich amber color and high gluten content. Hard amber durum (HAD) sets the “gold standard for premium pasta products, couscous, and some Mediterranean bread.

Hard Red Spring

The aristocrat of wheat when it comes to “designer” wheat foods like hearth bread, rolls, croissants, bagels, and pizza crust. HRS is also a valued improver in flour blends.

Soft Red Winter

SRW is a profitable choice for producing a wide range of confectionery products like cookies, crackers, and cakes, and for blending for baguettes and other bread products.

Hard White

HW receives enthusiastic reviews when used for Asian noodles, whole wheat or high extraction applications, pan bread or flatbreads