Description: Selected soybeans, which can be GMO Free, heat processed to inactivate antinutritional factors, and presenting 10 mesh (2-3 mm) granulometry

Indication: As an alternative the source of protein in poultry diets in general, also providing a source of lipids (energy) such as linoleic and linolenic acid.

Differential: Ingredient that provides protein with a high content of lysine, in addition to lipids (ether extract of 220 g / kg), facilitating the inclusion of fat in the feed.

Package weight: 25 kg (raffia bags)

Validity: 12 months.


Description: Selected soybeans, heat processed for inactivation of anti-nutritional factors, peeled, mechanically pressed for protein concentration, passing through grinding to adapt to the granulometry of the species

Indication: As a protein source in diets for all species and categories.

Differential: Alternative ingredient to soybean meal obtained by chemical extraction, resulting in an ingredient with an intermediate amount of fat (100 to 120 g / kg) resulting in a greater amount of energy.

Package weight: 25 kg (raffia bags)

Validity: 12 months.