We are proud to announce our international partnership with CRYOLAB, in Italy, for the marketing efforts of the Sputnik V vaccine. 

The process to secure the vaccines is simple and stated below:

  • Letter of attestation from Government 

    • This is a letter from the Government certifying your company is authorized to buy vaccines for your country.
  • Letter of Interest (LOI) from your company to Sputnik V Vaccine Seller (via JRV International Trading SL).

Your company will receive an FCO (Full Corporate Offer) directly from the global pharmaceutical distributor, with all the processes and procedures detailed.  You will deal directly with the distributor on this but our team will be available to answer any queries or comments you may have.

Who Can Buy?

Please note only authorized pharmaceutical companies can purchase the vaccines.  Below are the requirements for the purchase of the vaccines:

  • Must be a pharmaceutical company OR Ministry of Health

  • Must have license to import vaccines

  • Must have LOA from the government authorizing purchase of vaccines

If you have any additional questions or comments please contact us on vaccines@jrvinternational.comto arrange a conference call to discuss this in more detail.


Please note JRV International is NOT a pharmaceutical company, nor do we hold any licenses related to the pharma industry.  We are acting as marketing and sales partner, but all sales contracts and agreements will be done with the global vaccine distributor.